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The ‘Little Rascal’ Pattern was developed even before I’d created DiD, to use on my own little rascal. Since then I’ve adjusted and tested and adjusted some more. Both the sized and One Size Fits Most (OSFM) patterns are trim and fit a wide range of baby body types easily.

What makes DiD nappies different?

  • Fits better under clothes with less sagging, thanks to the trim design.
  • A better seal around legs and more comfortable for baby as the nappy sits in the ‘undie line’, the crease between thigh and groin, rather than across the thighs.
  • A great fit on all leg types equals no more leaks – no wings cutting into those more delicious baby thighs, or flapping around loosely on tiny thighs. This is because the trim wings sit above the thigh on the hip, rather than over the thigh area.
  • Harder for older babies / toddlers to remove themselves when they get to that lovely ‘I’d rather be naked’ age, thanks to the side snapping design.
  • Easy to customise fit around legs and waist – with the two level side snaps legs can be looser or tighter than the waist snaps as necessary.
  • Smaller babies get a better fit with less bulk in the OSFM to fit under those teeny tiny clothes, by adjusting the rise snaps – unique on a side snap OSFM nappy (although common on front snap ones).
  • Easy rinse inserts with a unique design exclusively registered to DiD (see insert section below).
  • Quick drying, easy to fold simple snap in insert design (see insert section below).
  • More absorbency without the bulk of extra layers due to the high quality, slightly thicker fabric.
  • Unique designs, including 3d, embroidery and other embellishments, that you won’t see elsewhere – digitised and designed by me and exclusive to DiD.
  • Sustainable and ethical practices such as sourcing fabrics and materials from local Aussie Work at Home Mums (WAHMs) where possible and using high quality materials that will last the distance.
  • Strict quality standards. Over four years in the business, I have been through a lot of suppliers and tested a lot of processes – rather than following industry trends, I test things out for myself. I happily use everything I sell for my own kids, so I know when something is not up to scratch or won’t last. I don’t sacrifice quality for price, because I know you only want the best for your babies!
  • Peace of mind that you as a consumer are fully protected when purchasing. I am a fully insured and properly registered business, not a hobbyist who will pack up and disappear if something goes wrong.

Patterns and Sizing

I currently use my own sized and OSFM Little Rascal patterns. All have been fully tested and adjusted over several years to ensure great fit, great absorbency and maximum cuteness!

Please note the below sizing information is a guideline only.

Small Medium Large OSFM
Waist 26 – 60cm 28 – 63cm 30 – 68cm 25 – 70cm
Rise 32 – 40cm 36 – 44cm 40 – 48cm 28 – 48cm
Thigh 18 – 38cm 21 – 44cm 22 – 45cm 15 – 45cm
Weight 3 – 9kg 6 – 14kg 8 – 18kg 2.5 – 20kg

Unique Insert Design

The insert system I use is a registered design, exclusive to Drop In Designs. The signature turquoise colour is probably the first thing you’ll notice. Not just a pretty shade, it also make it easier to spot your DiD inserts in that unsnapped nappy pile when you’re in a hurry! The dye used is a completely safe professional grade product and is thoroughly washed out to ensure no residue remains. As a bonus, the dye process means your inserts don’t need multiple washes or pre-soaking to reach their full absorbency. For my OSFM nappies, the booster is in two parts so that you can adjust absorbency as your little one grows.

You’ll also notice the stay-dry topper is longer and wider than the absorbent part of the insert. I affectionately call this the “Poo-Gard”. This extended topper design is exclusive to DiD and serves two main purposes:

  1.  To stop mess squishing through all the insert layers by folding over them, making rinse-outs much nicer to deal with. It essentially acts as a liner and topper in one.
  2. To help prevent nappy rash by wicking moisture more efficiently and stopping the wet bamboo escaping from under the stay-dry topping. This keeps bub feeling drier.

It’s also another way your DiD inserts will be easier to spot!

The inserts snap into snaps at the back of the nappy. Made from the highest quality and absorbency bamboo fleece available, the 500gsm fabric is slightly heavier than most makers use, providing extra absorbency with less bulk and the same drying time. The fleece is also cut across the stretch (so it stretches lengthwise), unlike most nappy inserts which are cut with the stretch (so it stretches across the width). The outer nappy fabrics are cut with stretch across the width so that it fits snugly on the body when wrapped around the hips. Most nappy boosters are cut the same way. However, the booster doesn’t need to stretch around the hips, it needs to fit snugly in between the legs, so it makes more sense to have the stretch lengthwise so it can move with your bub.