Hi! I’m Naomi, owner of Drop In Designs. I design and make Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN’s), reusable cloth extras, clothes and baby accessories for mums and your precious bubs.

I’ve been sewing most of my life – long before I got to the obligatory sewing portion of home ec class in high school! I’ve always had a unique, crafty streak – I’ve tried everything from drawing (laughably bad at it) to jewellery making (surprisingly good at it) and enjoyed it all immensely, especially in the freedom it gave me to set myself apart from the crowd. So it is no surprise that when I was pregnant with my first child (affectionately known as Rascal 1) I wanted to make him ‘all the things’ so that he too could have unique items. The decision to cloth nappy had been made long before the decision to have babies, so when I came across groups dedicated to making your own cloth nappies, I was excited to jump on in and have a go at it. Nappy making soon became an addiction! I read everything I could, watched all the tutorials, and bought all the pretty fabric.

I found the world of ‘pretties’ and fell in love with all the embroidered designs, but I very quickly noticed that whilst there was many fancy things for girls, there was a bit of a shortage for boy themed nappies. After a bit of encouragement from family, friends and my new online community, I started up a page making nappies for other families desperate for cute, unique, and environmentally friendly nappies for their own little rascals. Originally intended as a hobby to fill in time whilst on maternity leave, I soon realised I didn’t want to go back to the corporate world so I handed in my resignation and proceeded to follow my passion! Since then we’ve welcomed a little miss Rascal 2 to the family, giving me plenty of reason to come up with lots of gorgeous designs for girls too.

I’ve come a long way since starting DiD, and you will now see a full range of nappies from basic workhorses perfect for under clothes, to embroidered pretties with unique designs, right through to my range of 3d OOAK nappies that are unlike anything else you will see on the market today! I’m committed to providing you with unmatched quality and unique design, both in terms of the patterns I use, the designs available, and the fabrics I purchase. I only use the highest quality fabrics that I have tested and use myself, where possible sourced locally to reduce the environmental impact of transport. Rather than ‘follow the crowd’ I have rethought every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that the nappies you receive are safe, well fitting, easy to use and care for, and will last the distance on all your babies, not just one! So if you are looking for a quality, well made and unique product, you are in the right place!

What’s in a Name?
So how did I come up with Drop In Designs?

Good question, thanks for asking 😉
I actually picked out a name and decided on a logo long before I’d made my first cloth nappy. As I mentioned above, I have a rather creative streak and have tried my hand at a lot of things. A year before Rascal 1 arrived, I was very lucky to marry my wonderful husband. In the lead up to our wedding, there was a lot of DIY! Luckily it was a rather small destination wedding because I was intent on doing the invitations, bonbonniere, some of the decorations, and even the bridesmaid’s jewellery all myself.

I enjoyed it immensely, so much so that months before the wedding the idea of starting up my own wedding goodies business entered my mind. I even spent a ridiculous amount of time putting together a pretty comprehensive, tricked out wedding planning spreadsheet that would be every bride’s best friend to use as a promotional tool! I did actually make a few things, and came up with the business name “Drop In Designs” because in the big wide world of weddings, the bits and pieces I was planning on making were just a drop in the ocean. That’s why my original logo was bells – after the MCN business was up and running for a while, I updated it to feature a baby rattle and made the bells smaller and less of a feature. I like keeping them there though as it symbolises where I’ve come from.

It turned out though that I wasn’t passionate about weddings (although I sure do like looking at the pretty dresses) – I was just passionate about mine. So the idea fizzled out. When I started selling nappies as a hobby, I didn’t think it would last past my maternity leave so I just grabbed the name and logo I’d already thought up – thinking the Drop In still applied anyway – and set up my page. It turns out I am much more passionate about reusable products, and pretty clothes, than I was about not only weddings, but also my career in Human Resources. The nappies stuck, the product range grew as my babies did, the name stuck and I still love it, and here we are today!

For details on patterns and sizing, the unique booster design, and what is so special about DiD nappies, check out The DiD Difference page!